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Who we are

High Definition Coaching is committed to helping you think outside of your box. Your current conditions and circumstances do not predict your future, you do. Using the Maxwell method of coaching, leadership, speaking and training, your vision will be elevated above your present definitions to give you a perspective of your vision in high definition.

The Leadership Game

Would you want a tool that can bring communication and collaboration to life in your organization? Then you will want this experience.


"Everything rises and falls on leadership."

John C. Maxwell

What business leaders are saying about the Leadership Game?

"Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for investing your time in our management team this week. The feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive and I am convinced this was one of the most valuable training times we have spent." - Steve Slack, KARM

The Maxwell Method of Sales

Uplevel your ability to understand and identify with the unique buying styles in the marketplace through the Maxwell Method Sales Impact Report and Workshop


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - C.G. Jung

From Our Workshops

"Today inspired me in a way that I would have never imagined.  There were a lot of tools that I can take away from today's experience and apply to my everyday life to benefit others" - Alayna Marteal

What those we serve are saying

"My name is Fu Che.  I work for Cisco Systems as a Service Provider Sales Leader.  Gary has helped me get a higher level of focus on my personal and professional growth plan.  Since I participated in his Elevate Vision Retreat, I have been promoted and on my way to achieving my personal and professional goals.  I highly recommended you and your team attend Elevate and work with HDC to accelerate your personal and professional goals."

"Our strengths will continue to grow through our exposed weaknesses by discussions centered around our day to day Successes and Opportunities. The John Maxwell Team allows these exposures of truth to surface. We have enlisted the John Maxwell Team of Don Patterson and Gary White to facilitate a program for us which is scheduled to set not only our team leaders but also our ownership on a path of "Real Success" while on a quest for "Leadership Gold"."

Chris Walker
Hiwassee Builders

"Through my Leadership Sessions with Gary, I’ve developed a mindset, an awareness if you will, on where to concentrate and align myself with to be a better Godly leader. The areas that are crucial for me to be a Godly Leader in are at work, at church, and most importantly in my home! Gary has challenged me to be BETTER! All around Better! "

Cliff Howard
Young's Autobody

" What I love most is that my wife has been getting filled with the material I've brought home! I'm anticipating implementing these foundational principles with my team. "

NDR Creative
Nicholas Reynolds

Transformation Paraguay

John C. Maxwell and Gary White along with other coaches working together to bring value-based training across the globe.

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