Go Beyond Your Limits in One Weekend

Take a journey to the edge of what stops you and learn what is beyond your limits.


Sense the Inspiration

Increase your awareness above its current level to see that there is "More"

Spark the Aspiration

Become increasingly aware that "More" is available to you.

Embrace the Perspiration

Design the fulfillment of your dream and begin construction on the bridge to get you there.

Here's What You'll Learn

You will learn what limits you. You will learn where these limits come from and what you can do to go beyond them. You will learn that you are already resourced, and with the right equipping and alignment, promotion has your name on it.

We’ll teach you how to take what you're knowledgeable and passionate about and understand how you can build your dreams from your sweet spot. You will experience perspectives from your peers who are on the same journey you are on.  You will learn from their successes, and you will also help them see more.

Finally, you will experience the beautiful outdoors in the Great Smoky Mountains as we go on a nature walk to sights not beheld by many, and you will see Massive Overflow Reserved Especially for You!

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