Join us at the Cleveland Country Club on a premier golf course.

Your host will be Gary White,
an Independent Certified
Coach, and Executive Director
on the John Maxwell Team


Golf 9 holes of 4-man select, have lunch, and learn.

Every employee, customer, and manager wants results, experience, affirmation, and details. Learn how to connect with them in such a way that it increases your bottom line.

Learn How to Influence the Outcome

Connecting increases your influence. Whether you are in sales or in management or just trying to get better, your influence will determine your outcome.

Invest in your growth

Learn the methods that the #1 Leadership guru in the world, John C. Maxwell, teaches.

Here's What You'll Learn

By joining this golf and learn experience, you will be better equipped to connect, gain buy-in, and convert. Not only does your angle of delivery matter in golf, but in business relationships as well.

We’ll teach you how to take what you're knowledgeable and passionate about and turn it into products that people will want to buy. Everyone has a unique communication style and when you can understand that and talk their language, you can increase your influence with them and produce a desirable outcome.

Finally, we'll show you how to build a system that influences your outcome so you can get the results you want. By the end of our time together, you'll be well on your way to achieving your goals and building a business of your dreams!

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